Karlin Anderson

Karlin Anderson

When L told me about her meeting with Karlin Anderson we both agreed that one of the greatest attractions to her clients, besides the designer’s beautiful finished pieces, was the warmth and pleasure Karlin clearly gives to those who work with her to create an amazing engagement ring.

Designing the ultimate special engagement ring with Karlin promises to be a journey that is driven by broad and eclectic sources of inspiration and the unexpected interpretation of these uniquely personal ideas.

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Karlin Anderson & Romantic Nature

Born and raised against the dramatic backdrop of the Shetland Islands, Karlin Anderson draws on the romantic qualities of this landscape to flavour many of the design features that she uses in her engagement rings.

L was able to spot this source of inspiration instantly in the earthy, rich colours of the stones that Karlin likes to use, such as cognac diamonds. The designer’s skilful manipulation of texture seems to be an interpretation of the patterns formed by the craggy and rugged coastline of the Shetlands. Favouring matte finishes, Karlin Anderson designs rings with the quiet sophistication of elegant understatement. She has applied the pioneering spirit fostered in this small community to marry wearability and practicality with stunning beauty.

The Inspiration in a Symbol

L is particularly impressed by Karlin Anderson’s ability to design an engagement ring that embodies a symbolism that is personal and unique to each of her clients. Unusually she designed her own engagement ring and used the motif of the eagle’s wings, whose feather pattern she hand-carved over the band, to make a statement for freedom. This is an issue dear to her own heart and part of her charitable campaign for women’s freedom.

One of Karlin’s clients approached her with a commission that would embody her love of autumn in an engagement ring. The Una ring was born with its autumnal hues and hand-carved leaves. Using opals and a mixture of small stones, this ring spoke to this lady’s passion for the season.
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