Jessica Poole


Jessica Poole

Not just an amazing engagement ring designer, Jessica Poole is also great company so working with her will be a pleasure for any potential client.

Jessica is inspired by the infinite capacity of jewellery making techniques. Her engagement rings are virtuoso pieces of the explorative journey that she makes whenever she approaches the bench. Unlike many designers, she has mastered both the arts of setting and mounting so that the concepts that she envisages in her designs are translated exactly into the final engagement ring.

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Black Engagement Ring by Jessica Poole
Jan. 29 2015 Extraordinary Black Engagement Rings

Jessica Poole breaks down boundaries with her beautiful black ring.

Jan. 16 2015 Ultimate Glamour: Diamond and Pearl Engagement Rings

This diamond and pearl engagement ring by Jessica Poole is breathtaking.

Small Random Ripple Ring with coloured gems in white gold by Jessica Poole
Sep. 5 2014 The Unique Fluidity of White Gold Engagement Rings

Jessica Poole’s magical way with white gold engagement rings.

Jessica Poole on Micro Pave

For this engagement ring designer the challenge and thrill of jewellery making lies in the artistic world of the miniature. After training with the world’s leading pioneer of the Micro Pave diamond setting technique in Antwerp, Jessica Poole has become a Micro Pave maestro and UK authority.

To have the capacity to work with stones that are less than 1mm allows this designer to create a symbiotic relationship between the metal and the gem whereby each element contributes equally to the concept of the design. Embedded in the metal setting these tiny stones appear to be an organic part of the whole.

Her Micro Pave diamond settings give the engagement ring a magical aura as though a shaft of light is burned into the metal along the pathway of tiny stones.

Jessica Poole and Textures

What F and I love about the designs that Jessica Poole has created for engagement ring commissions is the focus on textures. Her rings mesmerize the viewer and wearer by suggesting the physically impossible. When I look at her work I ask myself how has she managed to render the patterns of fabric folds, the fluidity of rippling water and the earthy feeling of woods in a medium that normally embodies stiff rigidity and solidity?

Again, this sorcerer’s trick comes down to her experimentation with a material’s limits. By brushing the yellow gold, using anticlastic raising or hammering sheet metal, Jessica Poole creates effects that seem to defy the laws of physics.

In her collection of Random Ribbon Rings, Jessica has played with the conceit of a piece made from 1 continuous form to create a ring that seems to symbolise infinity, without beginning or end.
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