Esther Eyre


Esther Eyre

The opportunity to form a relationship with the designer and the mutual inspiration that the craftsman and client offer each other must be the best parts of the bespoke experience.

Esther Eyre’s approach embodies these delights. Working with her clients, they follow a path which ends in a very special engagement ring that surpasses everyone’s expectations. Esther wows them, developing their ideas with drawings, finding stones and offering them a 3D model. Driven by the thrill she gets from her clients’ reactions, she puts her heart and soul into every commission.

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Esther Eyre’s Homage to the Past

As F knows, I have a passion for the romance of the past and the magic of history so he was unsurprised at the excitement Esther Eyre inspired in me when we talked about how she interprets historical jewellery styles and techniques through a modern lens to design her unique engagement rings.

Her fascination with the fine details that make period jewellery so distinctive manifests itself in the tiny twists and hammered textures of the rings that she designs for couples. Esther particularly loves Etruscan work with its oblong stones and the simple lines of the gold twisting to form the elegant settings.

Esther Eyre has completed many engagement ring commissions that have a softness and baroque flow to their design. Her work has none of the angular lines of a machine process – the ring is created by hand to give it an individuality and one-of-a-kind appearance.

Esther Eyre: Conjuror of Dreams

For me the essence of bespoke design is the skill for the designer to take a dream and realise it in gemstones and precious metals. This is exactly what Esther Eyre did for one couple who commissioned and engagement ring from her. Approached by a gentleman who wanted to offer his fiancée a ring inspired by the snake, a symbol of eternity, Esther took up the challenge with alacrity.

In this instance she drew on a popular Victorian motif and was able to use the form of a snake to create a stunning ring with a story behind it. She sourced mid-blue sapphires, cushion shaped rubies and a tapered diamond to design a sinewy and beautiful snake-shaped ring.

I have no doubts whatsoever that even F could not conjure up an idea from his portfolio of wild dreams that would stop Esther Eyre in her tracks!
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