Diana Porter


Diana Porter

When L and I talked with Diana Porter the other day at her Bristol studio, we both realised instantly that we had met an artistic force. Diana has a creative energy and inspired approach that she has harnessed to create engagement rings that not only look stunning, but contain a deep vein of meaning that embodies the bond between couples.

From same sex commissions to the traditional man and woman partnership, Diana Porter will create a symbol of two people coming together in precious metal and glowing gemstones.

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Diana Porter & the Poetry of Rings

Diana Porter’s portfolio is eclectic and varied but one of her signature design concepts, which happen to suit symbols of long term commitment and togetherness, is the incorporation of script into her work.

By etching words into the metal bands of the rings, Diana achieves a twofold effect: the shape of the letters on the surface of the engagement ring band has a surface aesthetic quality from afar, while up close a couple’s intimate message becomes readable.

L loved the way she sometimes creates two rings for a couple where words are part of the design feature but the meaning of the message is split across the two bands and can only be understood when wearers are together.

Diana Porter’s Jewellery Empowerment

A strong thread that runs through Diana’s work is her commitment to challenging the conventional ideas of the jewellery design canon. From a technical perspective, such invention includes taking traditional engagement ring settings like the claw setting and twisting it to create an alternative form. She also creates patterns and textures on the surface of the metal through acid etching, rather than traditional hammering – a lengthy and challenging process that creates a stunning and original effect.

Not only does this designer actively engage in re-interpretations of techniques, but she also uses jewellery design to communicate larger ideas. I really admire Diana Porter’s attitude to women and I could easily apply her creed to L. Throughout Diana’s studio career she has been fascinated by the ancient phenomenon of the female goddess. As religious figureheads, the female identity speaks of empowerment and deep influence.

I can think of no better tribute to L than an engagement ring designed by someone who wants to celebrate and empower women!
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