David McLoughlin


David McLoughlin

For me the attraction of working with an engagement ring designer of David McLoughlin’s calibre is the depth of his knowledge and experience with this craft. For David, the source of his creativity lies in his sensitivity to the evolving life of a jewellery piece. Each of his engagement rings has a past, present and future that seems to embody the evolving existence of a lifelong partnership between two lovers.

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Pearl Ring by David McLoughlin
Jan. 16 2015 Unusual Pearl Engagement Rings by David McLoughlin

David McLoughlin’s creativity shows in his use of unconventional pearls.

1.50 Carat Dia Ring by David McLoughlin
Aug. 28 2014 Something Old Something New…

Reclaimed or retro, David’s talent brings vintage engagement rings to life.

David McLoughlin on Reclaiming

F and I were fascinated to encounter David’s genius with developing completely new concepts using reclaimed metals and stones. By refashioning and reforming existing pieces, he designs entirely unique and bespoke engagement rings. I was idly visualising my jewellery box and wondering what he could find to play with in there. The combination of his well honed skills as a goldsmith, combined with the creative concept of creating new life from the old results in some beautiful and personal engagement rings.

David McLoughlin on Antiques

David McLoughlin rolled up his sleeves and gleefully opened his box of treasures at our meeting in his Clerkenwell studio. He has a case full of antique rings that come with their own history and a previous life. Discarded by their owners and consigned to the shelves of antiques galleries, these pieces of jewellery are pregnant with potential for David’s imagination. In his hands brooches become rings, necklaces become brooches and the inner life of every neglected stone is resurrected.
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