Daniel Gallie


Daniel Gallie

One wintry evening, L and I strolled along the South Bank's wharf to the OXO tower to meet Daniel Gallie.

This designer was raised in Tuscany and trained in Arezzo where he learned to avere l’occhio – ‘to have an eye’ is the highest praise that one artist can bestow on another. Although L would never credit me with ‘the eye’, even I can see that Daniel Gallie’s accolade is well deserved!

If you are looking for an engagement ring that embodies an Italian flavour in a celebration of abstract design, then Daniel is your designer.

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Daniel Gallie’s Cire Perdue

L surprised me during that meeting when she got excited about Daniel Gallie’s description of his use of the cire perdue technique in creating engagement rings. The designer seemed inspired when he explained how this ancient craft that involves models and molten wax has been used in the process of jewellery making for centuries.

Daniel has developed his own preference for the unusual practice of working with softer wax rather than a jeweller’s traditional hard wax. This soft wax gives him the flexibility to incorporate designs that are created both by adding or taking away material. This opens up a sculptural scope of design patterns that make Daniel Gallie’s engagement rings truly unique.

Daniel Gallie in Nature

Daniel Gallie seeks the inspiration for his ring designs in nature. L and I can see how he captures the patterns of flowing water, of entwined branches, of delicate plant shoots and of the swelling waves in many of his commissions.

This passion for nature skilfully complements a fascination for ways to make precious metals commune with the stones that they support. By applying a variety of techniques, Daniel Gallie creates a host of effects on the surface of the metals that he uses in an elegant dialogue with hand selected stones that are exquisitely cut.
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