Christopher Anderson


Christopher Anderson

F was curious about Christopher Anderson from the start since his work is very distinctive and has a rather androgynous look about it that really appeals to both men and women. There’s an edginess to this designer’s rings that is rather pleasing and definitely unique.

When I showed F some pictures and reported back on my meeting with Christopher, we both agreed that any engagement ring commission executed by this craftsman would certainly make a bold statement.

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Passionate about Stones

Christopher Anderson is seduced by stones and I can certainly understand his passion. He falls in love with each gem’s unique personality contained in the colour and sparkle and he will create an engagement ring that does justice to each stone’s magnificence.

His eyes lit up when he told me about an amazing sapphire that a recent client brought to him with a brief to render a unique homage to this stunning gem. The intensity and depth of the stone’s electric blue tones never fail to inspire a dazzled awe in Christopher. The distinctive approach that Christopher Anderson has towards designing a setting for these luxurious stones provides a platform for them that will allow their full and authentic beauty to shine forth.

Christopher Anderson on Sacred Shapes

For this designer, the purity of form is encapsulated in the square and the circle. Many cultures believe these basic shapes to be sacred and Christopher Anderson harnesses this symbolism to create meaningful engagement rings for his clients.

F is rather inspired by this fascination since he too shares an interest in edges and simple shapes when it comes to any design project. I discovered that Christopher Anderson’s experimentation with shape derives from his early interest in architecture.

It is very clear from looking at his work that he finds inspiration in the small details that finish a corner, an edge, or a door frame. When he contemplates a design in precious metal he thinks of the clean, crisp lines embodied in stone buildings. The architect’s flair for elements and components that interlock are reflected in all his engagement ring designs.
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