Beth Gilmour


Beth Gilmour

When we met with Beth Gilmour L was captivated by this designer’s concept of the character of the gemstone. Each gem, as she explained to us, has its own strong personality which dictates Beth’s choice of metal colour and which leads the shape of the design.

I agree with L that one of Beth’s many strengths is her creative approach to gemstones and her appreciation for the unusual and alternative. She has access to stones that come in tones and hues that are not traditional and that are one-of-a-kind finds. An engagement ring from Beth Gilmour is a truly unique piece.

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It’s All in the Surface Detail

Beth Gilmour extends her interest in the alternative to her treatment of precious metal for the engagement ring band. She loves surface details and I am fascinated by the range of techniques she has mastered to achieve different textures that I’ve never seen elsewhere.

My particular favourite is an effect she achieves with poppy seeds which are embedded in the wax cast and leave a unique pattern on the metal. Another unusual approach that Beth has worked with is to use plaster of Paris to capture the patterns that skin textures make. She then can cast these into the precious metal.

It seems to me that an engagement ring that is decorated with your own skin pattern has a deeply symbolic and romantic meaning.

Beth Gilmour and the Vintage Look

L loves the romance of the past so when Beth Gilmour started to tell us about her delight in all things vintage, I could see L’s eyes light up. Beth collects vintage textiles and is influenced by their simple profiles and rich patterns.

Combining antique stylistic features with modern techniques, Beth designs rings with strong vintage themes so that the flavour of the piece communicates the aesthetic of the past in a contemporary interpretation.

One of her stunning commissions was designed around an art deco sapphire which she mou ted alongside two baguette diamonds. This engagement ring will adorn the bride-to-be’s hand with a timeless vintage statement.
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