Andrew Geoghegan


Andrew Geoghegan

Andrew Geoghegan creates more than jewellery. When F and I talked to him we were introduced to the world and persona that he offers to his clients. From his early days in a shed at the bottom of his parent’s garden to a studio set in a farm with a sweeping view of the gentle Yorkshire countryside, Andrew’s work is surrounded in romanticism.

I see an amazing virtuoso in Andrew Geoghegan. With an astounding degree of control and precision over the crafting of his designs, this artist provides engagement rings that articulate the most exacting and inspired concepts.

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Andrew Geoghegan as Ring Magician

Andrew Geoghegan’s favourite stone cut is the Asscher. I asked him why, and he started to describe a journey of hypnosis and illusion. He showed me how the viewer is drawn into a mesmerised state by stones whose minimal facets create an illusory depth that leads the eye down angular, elegant corridors through the stone’s body.

F and I were entranced by the aura of mystery that Andrew inspires with his engagement rings. His stone setting wizardry is deployed in all his commissions and is beautifully demonstrated in a ring called Reveal, where the almost hidden and impossibly set section of pave diamonds lies seductively behind the main stone.

Andrew Geoghegan’s Works of Art

Andrew approaches the design of an engagement ring as an artist would approach a commission. Even the non-visible areas of his pieces are highly polished and crafted with exquisite quality. Whether he is incorporating Art Deco features or Byzantine stylistic elements, Andrew’s rings reflect the depth and complexity of his empathy with the different artistic movements that are important to him.

I brought up his references to Ancient Greek vases as an unusual source of inspiration for a jewellery designer. Drawing on an interest in archaeology that evolved in childhood, Andrew Geoghegan is captivated by the idea of ‘digging up treasure’. He sees this discipline as a metaphor for excavating the artistic soul from each of his engagement ring designs.
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