Aimee Winstone


Aimee Winstone

Aimee Winstone’s design flair instantly attracted me when I was browsing through designers of bespoke engagement rings based in the Bristol and Bath area. With a unique portfolio of rings created for several happy couples, Aimee inspires confidence in her clients when they come to her for work on this significant piece.

Her creative interpretation of the most eccentric and unusual requests knows no limits, including a wedding ring designed for a tractor driver who wanted a band to suit his personality. She came up with an elegant pattern engraved into the precious metal, reminiscent of tyre tracks!

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Aimee Winstone & Creative Settings

For the average engagement ring shopper like me and L the exclusive focus tends to be on the gemstone. Aimee Winstone is a designer who can show couples that the setting which holds the stone on the engagement ring also offers a playground for the imagination and inspiring opportunities for creative design.

Aimee has perfected an unusual setting design which is best described as classic with a modern, unique twist. An open setting created by a coil of precious metal encircles the gem and leaves one side of the stone exposed and fully visible. This technique works best with hard platinum – a great excuse for choosing this elegant precious metal for your ring.

Another one of Aimee Winstone’s setting experiments was achieved with an adaptation of a traditional claw setting to create a ring with a star shape to reflect the couple’s special proposal moment beneath the stars.

Flamboyant Nature Inspires Aimee Winstone

Many couples (L and I consider ourselves among them) gravitate towards designers of jewellery who take inspiration from nature to create their engagement rings. Aimee Winstone sees potential shapes, patterns and motifs in the world around her, creating rings that reflect a variety of natural phenomena.

From the bold, strong lines of flamboyant flowers like the aurum lily to the rich life beneath the sea observed while snorkelling in Egypt, Aimee finds the possibilities for unique and unusual jewellery designs.

This sympathy with nature attracted one client to commission Aimee Winstone to create a ring that embodied the movement and entwining wave patterns of the ocean in an engagement ring.
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